Far East Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd
Sugarcane Bagasse Plates Pulp Molding Tableware Machinery Manufacturer

In 1992, Far East was founded as a technology firm focused on the development and manufacture of plant fiber molded tableware machinery. We were quickly hired by the government to help solve an urgent environmental problem caused by Styrofoam products.

By 1997, we expanded beyond developing only machine technology and began manufacturing our own line of sustainable tableware products. Over the years we have built strong relationships with customers worldwide, exporting sustainable products to Asia, Europe, America, and the Middle East.

News And Events

Eco-Friendly Innovation: Pulp Molding Plant Fiber Cups and Double Clip Lids Solution!
Choose our environmentally friendly pulp molding cups and double clip lids for a secure and sustainable packaging solution. Ideal for coffee shops, fast food, and office use. Enhance your brand’s eco-commitment now!

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The Arrival of the Global Plastic Ban Era and the Revolution of Pulp Molding Equipment!
Join the global movement towards a plastic-free future with Far East's pioneering pulp molding equipment. As plastic ban policies sweep the world, discover how Far East's innovative technology and efficient machinery are leading the green revolution in biodegradable and eco-friendly pulp molding products. Our equipment supports businesses in producing sustainable alternatives to traditional plastics, driving a green future with efficient, low-carbon footprint production lines. Learn more about our commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development, and how our customized solutions can help your business thrive in the era of plastic bans.

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Revolutionizing Eco-Friendly Dining: Far East's Pulp Molding Equipment at Propak Asia 2024!
Discover the future of sustainable tableware production with Far East & GeoTegrity at Propak Asia 2024. Visit us at Booth AW40 from June 12-15 in Thailand to explore our innovative pulp molding equipment designed for efficiency, versatility, and eco-friendliness. Learn how our technology can transform your operations and join the green revolution in the food industry.

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