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LD-12-1850 Free Trimming Free Punching Fully Automatic Biodegradable Sugarcane Bagasse Thermocol Paper Pulp Molding Plate Tableware Forming Making Machine

Fully automatic energy-saving Eco-friendly plant fiber pulp-molding tableware free trimming free punching machine(food standard)

LD-12-1850 automatic molded pulp packaging machine is designed for the purpose of uniting molding and shaping, automated production, energy saving and high yield of pulp molding process of products’ free edge-cutting. LD-12 series molded pulp packaging equipment, which can realize automatic water supply, slurry feeding, slurry mixing, vacuum blank forming, hot pressing drying, shaping and remolding collecting and counting, are energy saving, automatic pulping, and environmental friendly.



The automatic molded pulp packaging machine adopts SIEMENS PLC NC programmable control system in Germany to control each process action, which can be monitored and adjusted on the touchable video screen. The machine can translate plants fiber (sugarcane pulp, bamboo pulp, wheat straw pulp, reed pulp) or wood pulp into food packages such as western-style food, dish, bowl, box, supermarket vegetable tray and various beverage cup, coffee cup and more. The packages are suit for microwave oven, oven, frozen, and distillation. Besides, the package can be used in the fields of industrial and domestic.




Pneumatic and hydraulic dual control energy saving, and high efficiency, free trimming and without punching

High precision and durable molds. Automatically and adjustable controlled by computer program

Product Parameter:

Mould Material:

Aluminium Alloy:6061

Machine Weight:


Auxiliary Equipment Power For Each Machine:

53KW For Each Machine

Vacuum Requirement For Each Machine:


Air Requirement For Each Machine:


Daily Output:

About 850-1000kgs(23hours per day)

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