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In December 2018 /In 2019 March and April , Far east& Geotegrity company supply the after service for Indian customer

Update time : 2020-01-10

In December,2018, Or engineer team go to Mumbai project for guiding installation and commissioning ,about 22 days , the project start to run. our company Chairman Mr Su ,sales team Janey Lin and Claire Ye go to Mumbai customer factory to concern the situation. On December 23th ,their company organize a celebration activity.


In March,2019 ,Our engineer team 3 person and Claire Ye go to Noida ,Delhi city ,Indian AA company for 4 semi-automatic  machine and one fully automatic machine guiding the installation and Debugging. Total 20days . When we come there about 7 days ,the machine start ,then our engineer team not only do the installation guide and debugging ,but also train their operator and engineer on customer factory on site

In April,2019, our engineer team 7engineers and Claire go to Yash Paper in Locknow city,India for after service. Yash Paper total have 10tons capacity ,running Far East &Geotegrity company 9 sets fully automatic machine, This time our main purpose is for Maintenance and training .try our best to find solution and supply support for Yash Paper company capacity and QC question. Our engineer stay there 18 days, before we leave ,their machine capacity increase at least 3 tons capacity.

This is our company after service ,we promise to supply all our customer the best service and support.

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